Plurality (2007)

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I first became aware of the “plurality” of dimensions on a walk one night. It came, unbidden, as a sudden rush forward not unlike the comic book depiction of The Flash at full speed. A kind of motion blur tug from the center of my body – very similar to that first moment the rollercoaster drops over the peak of a big hill.

At the time I was not certain that it had even happened. It was only in retrospect that I came to understand the significance of the event.

I had been pondering the nature of the time- space continuum. My musings had been primarily focused on the relationship of “actual” time and our “perception” of time. (A kind of watered-down discussion of relativity with myself.)

It all started quite a few years ago when I had taken up an interest in the various concepts related to Physics, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and the search for a Unified Field Theory. While all of this may sound impressive I would never go so far as to say my understanding of any (and all) of these topics was anything more than that of an enthusiastic hobbyist at best. 

Despite a minor in mathematics, my understanding of the math involved was virtually non-existent. I also had a degree in Computer Science but in my senior year of college I had managed to shift my minor to Art. I knew I would never be a programmer or a mathematician. I was an Artist and the computer was my medium. I explored, using the computer, the various universes I conjured in my own mind. In fact, I often lectured to kids (and anyone else who would listen) about how the computer was the “Medium of the Gods”. Allowing the user access to all the tools required to create any universe they could imagine. All they had to do was imagine it. It was a pretty grand vision – but I was really into it.

I had become intrigued with Physics and Quantum Mechanics as a hobby. I read a lot of articles and books on the aforementioned topics- and I smoked a lot of pot. I would go for a walk- have a smoke and ponder the “Great Unknowns”. I fancied myself quite the Renaissance Man for being able to discuss at length many concepts that, frankly, I only had a superficial knowledge of. It was seldom that I encountered anyone who was better versed- so I was pretty secure in my little tower keep. I was even aware of my ego with regards to these matters and I tried very hard not to be a “Mr. Science-Know-It-All”. Clearly I did not “know it all” – nor even a fraction of “it all”. That would come later.

Through the course of my studies it became apparent to me that everyone was attempting to describe the nature of space-time using two-dimensional constructs.

As I read through all the various books and papers that dealt with some of the more abstract ideas like string theory and relativity I would try to visualize, in my head, how these various notions would manifest themselves. Equations could do this but they would always be described ultimately in some two-dimensional way- whether on paper or a monitor. I always felt like there could be no way to depict the time-space continuum accurately. You could never describe something objectively if you were still inside it- being affected by it. Obviously, this is not a new idea- but for me it was.

Of all the various theories that were floating around I found myself drawn to string theory not because it was any more or less correct- but because I liked the idea of other dimensions.

By extension- I also became intrigued by the idea of parallel universes (or realities). The night of the walk I was brooding, once again, on the physical manifestation of the various realities/universes. “Pluralities”- that was how I had come to refer to them in my own mind.

I remember at the time writing the following passage in one of my journals:

“… a white haze of possibilities. The most probable futures becoming kind of motion-blurry paths off into the fog of the future. If, in fact, the universe was infinite, and infinite universes existed then we potentially have access to every possible future if only we could discern the ones we desired. “

Included in this train of thought was the notion that the nature of the universes/realities would actually be constructed of a discreet set of variables that could either be – or not be. Each universe would be contrived of some vastly huge set of binary variables- either ‘on’ or ‘off’. You were either male or female- tall or short, the world you lived in was nice and safe or ugly and dangerous. This particular set of variables was nearly as infinite as the number of possible realities it could produce. But due to the binary nature of it- it actually reduced the choices available when you really thought about it.

What if you had heart disease in one universe but could somehow shift to a universe where you had a perfect heart? What if you were shot in the heart- muscle and flesh torn asunder in one universe? If there were truly an infinite number of universes it would seem that there would have to be (infinity/2) universes where your heart was either in perfect condition or well… not. All you really needed to do was find a reality where you had a perfect heart and you were good to go.

Somewhere along the line I began to make a mental list of all the variables I would change if I had the chance. Most of the things I realize now were kind of selfish and unimportant in the big cosmic sense- but I guess you gotta start somewhere right? Not like I was going to be able to affect them anyway- or so I thought initially.

Bizarrely, though, the night of the walk was pivotal because I had decided that day that perhaps I could change things- maybe just a little bit at a time- but I could. Maybe to get to a ‘better heart’ all I needed to do was to move towards a reality that had a healthy heart. By making choices in my day-to-day life that encouraged a healthier heart I was, in fact, altering the reality that I was in. That was what got me out walking to begin with…

I had never thought of things in that way before in my life. When the concept actually formalized in my mind it was truly life altering. Of course I want certain things- but I couldn’t expect them to just happen- randomly. Everything I had ever achieved in my life I viewed with the humility of having been “lucky” at receiving it. The career, my family, and friends- they all seemed to be gifts of fortune that were bestowed upon me from some uncontrollable destiny.

As I pondered my life and the choices I had made I realized that all of the things I just mentioned were direct results of choices I made at pivotal junctures in my life.

Or were they? Perhaps the junctures were pivotal because of the choice I made.

I remember having a major falling out with a certain group of friends just as I was entering high school- I spent almost a year in a weird limbo of not having anyone to hang out with… but the buddies I chose right after this have been my lifelong friends ever since.

And didn’t I work my ass off to prove that I was capable as an animator? No one gave me a job because I said I was a competent, knowledgeable, hardworking person. I proved it first- I spent nights and weekends learning systems on my own time and honing my skill-set. The fact that I was soon being paid for my time and efforts was confirmation of my abilities.

I remember sending out demo reels of my animation years before I was gainfully employed in Hollywood. I was politely rejected by every studio I contacted- until I moved to Hollywood and became the animator that I knew I could be. Ten years after the fact I was a Director at a major studio- I still have their original rejection letter… and a stack of pay stubs to prove that, in fact, they did have a need for my ‘services’.

The thing is- we rarely perceive the possibility of other realities. Rather than looking at the paths laid out in front of us- we tend to look back at the path we just traveled. Because that is somehow more tangible. More relevant.

And yet each and every choice we make defines a new reality for us. Right down to the clothing we wear, the food we eat, and the path we choose to drive to work. Turning left one day instead of right may lead us to the same place ultimately (perhaps) but not at the same time. At least not time measured at Planck scales. (More on this in a minute). Our future is thus altered.

It’s easy to look back across the path of our lives and marvel at the seeming randomness that brings us to where we are- but it is very difficult to look forward and see that there are clearly delineated paths to the exact places we want to be if we have the conviction (and discipline) to actually follow those same paths.

I think most people simply get caught up in the day-to-day decisions and rarely look forward very far into their own futures. The folks who succeed in life do this almost as a second nature – but rarely do they realize they are doing it. Looking further ahead- planning- makes it possible to arrive at the pre-determined destinations at the desired time as well.

For instance, going to school allows you to learn of a range of subjects. The knowledge you take away gives you the ability to get employment in your chosen field. You enhance the possibility of future employment by actively directing your energies into the path of other energies. (Specifically the energies of teachers and potential employers).

Eating healthy allows your body to operate more efficiently. So you live longer. By being able to perceive different possible future paths I started seeing exactly how I was failing at the various facets of my life.

Anyway, these were the types of things I would ponder on my walks. “How do I change my reality?”

Is it possible to alter things once you have traveled a path for so long?”

On the night of my ‘breakthrough’ I was actually deeply involved in a mental study of time and durations. Here is kind of what I was thinking about- I note it to help move the tale forward. Bear with me…

It would seem that every single perception of time as we know it is quantized into discreet intervals.

Simply because we have no accurate way of truly calculating the passage of time we must use less than accurate devices to mark time’s passage. The swing of a pendulum, the ticking of the clock, the motion of a cesium atom… all intervals of varying size – quantized into some bizarre metronome that pounds out the beat of our lives.

Forcing our memories to pick and choose the most significant intervals to record- based on our perceptions and interpretations of all the data we take in for the duration of our lives.

Anyone who studies things like this may recognize the basic tenets of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle- which essentially tells us that because things happen at quantum levels below our ability to accurately measure them- we can never be certain of a given entity’s exact speed and position simultaneously. I’m paraphrasing, of course.

Our optical senses are able to perceive almost exactly one octave of frequencies that can be represented by the visual spectrum. Essentially, from 380 trillion Hz. (for the lowest Red) to 760 trillion Hz. (for the highest Violet) the normal human eye has the ability to perceive roughly 16.7 million colors. Upon first thought it would seem that the shape of this perception if it was represented as a waveform would be bell-like in nature. Meaning there is a gradual, continuous slope defining the visibility of a given color by any standard of measure.

It seemed to me, though, that any truly accurate gauge was impossible because our detectors and sensors were limited; the measuring devices were flawed.

With a quantum computer we could in theory detect and measure variants out to an infinite number of decimal places- but at some point we have to round the values to something- we have to quantize the readings or we would never be able to move on to other calculations.

Upon further contemplation, though, it becomes obvious that at some point the energy recorded for each wavelength of color must become quantized. And this is not a shortcoming in our equipment or our perceptions, etc. It actually lays in the quantum properties of the matter that surrounds us. A photon (of any color) is but a small portion of energy that gets ejected when electrons and other subatomic particles move from one level of energy to another due to whatever processes happen to be going on at a given moment. This energy is discreet in its value. It requires x amount of energy for an electron to jump to an outer shell in an atom. If that exact amount of energy is not present the electron does not move outwards.

And once it jumps from the last shell outwards- it moves with a discreet wavelength and frequency-, which defines its “color”. (For the purpose of my mental exercise I pretty much stuck with the visible spectrum at first.)

And then there are the limitations of the human nervous system. We only have so many cones and rods in our eyes and only so many nerve endings in our optic nerves. To prevent overload our brains have figured out some fairly clever ways to allow us to ‘perceive’ a continuous flow of data- when in actuality we are missing quite a bit.

Think about it- when we watch television we see 60 individual images per second. (Actually we see two images interlaced at 30 frames per second). For film a mere 24 frames per second are enough to give us the illusion of continuity. Persistence of Vision as it is commonly referred to.

In the world of television this requires roughly a data rate of just over 30 megabytes per second. Due to higher resolutions the data requirement for film is substantially higher despite the lower frame count. Regardless, both of these mediums represent a fraction of the overall throughput our brains receive on a minute-to-minute basis.

The question becomes- what is the limit for the human mind with regard to how much data it can deal with at a given moment?

First off- our brains throw out a lot of the stuff that we don’t need.

While you may remember in fabulous detail the events of your wedding day- perhaps even the events leading up to it, there is no way of remembering every detail in between. Like the gas station you stopped at to fill up on the way to work on a randomly chosen day.

Normal people have no way of recalling every moment of their lives- but they do pick up specific areas and use them as anchor points for their reality. These anchors hold specific values for the individual. They become “quantized” to a certain degree- meaning (in case I haven’t explained that term) that the wavelengths or realities or whatever attain specific values- no more no less. Like the steps of a staircase- each step takes you a discreet distance higher. The “rise” of the step if you will. But it’s more than that- philosophically a quantized state leaves no room for fuzzy-gray areas. It is binary- white or black, on or off. Each shade is a distinct, specific shade. Much like the variables in my imaginary realm of infinite universes.

We reinforce the quantization of our perceptions of time with things like photographs – which represent some fraction of a second (an interval dependant on the shutter speed). Or perhaps video footage – recording minutes and hours but always at a rate of somewhere around 30 frames per second.

The more we are shown the cute photo of ourselves taking our first bath the more we ‘remember’ it- when in fact we most likely do not.

Our memories thus become stratified (quantized) by significance. Important stuff gets remembered- but not the stuff in between.

It is a rare person indeed who can recall every facet of their day-to-day life at any given moment. What did you have for breakfast today? Okay – what did you have yesterday? Now for the ten thousand-credit question- what did you have to eat on the last Tuesday of the month of July in the year 2015? Exactly. You have no idea… sure you might be able to work it out if you had maybe a recording of that day but even that would not be a 100% accurate depiction of the day.

So we have established that time for us, as humans, is quantized. The light and world we perceive is also quantized.

What if we had the ability to perceive time at greater and shorter intervals? It seems like that must imply an intrinsically better ability to perceive? If we can improve our perception wouldn’t that suggest a more sophisticated understanding of the controls involved? Could we, in fact, alter the shape of the Time Perception curve from a quantized state to one of more of a Bell curve? Effectively crafting a higher resolution ‘image’ of our reality.

And if our perceptions were more finely attuned – might we not be able to better perceive tendencies as well?

If the fabric of our universe was like infinitely thin layers of some sort of cosmic onionskin then time should be quantized at small enough intervals. In my mind this has something to do with the Planck length I was always reading about.

If you could alter your perception of time to view it at Planck length intervals how would this look?

It would seem that the possibilities would spread out in front of you. But along with the notion that an infinite number of possible futures would be right in front of you- you would be limited as to how many you could see because so many of them would be just different enough to make them less probable than others. They would become occluded by the more probable outcomes.

Anyway, that was how I was working through the whole thing that night when all of the sudden my very reality fragmented. I had no idea how I did it- but one second I was pondering all the stuff I just talked about and the next everything had stopped. But not…. my entire body felt like I was suddenly smearing out in every direction at once- but moving forward too.

Cars had the essence of motion but were not moving.

Everything was frozen in a motion-blurred smear of color. And yet still in 3D. I saw every angle of a car that was making a turn at the light nearly 20 meters ahead of me. As I followed the smear of the headlights it was like each slice of the car lit individually- at the exact instance that my eyes perceived them. It was the most disturbing and phenomenal feeling I’ve had ever experienced. It made an orgasm feel like a sore throat.

It became my obsession to recreate it. I began walking the same route every night trying to retrace the exact sequence of events that had led me up to my first foray into Plurality.

One of the first things you notice upon entering Plurality is that you become aware of the amazing tangle of possible futures that could play out in your immediate next few seconds. As you hone your understanding of Plurality you can actually move forward in time to witness various outcomes then return to real-time and act on what you saw.

Why wouldn’t you just go twenty years in the future and see what stock is doing well then come back and invest in that stock?” You may ask- well, first of all, once you move into Plurality – ALL of the infinite number of futures all pile up into a kind of gray fog that basically makes it impossible to discern with any accuracy what’s going on. You can, however, peer into you own future by small amounts. An apt metaphor might be when you are driving a car- you look forward down the road and effectively view a spot on the road where you will be in just a few seconds. Or when you are walking- if you are the type of walker who looks down at your feet the whole time you are walking – you are effectively limiting how far into the future you can peer. You see only what is right at your feet in the next second or two. Whereas if you lifted your head you would see the place you are moving towards but won’t reach for a minute or two.

Moving through Plurality is a misnomer really- you don’t’ move but more “see” into Plurality- there is, however, a definite sensation of movement.

While in Plurality I could actually ‘parse’ the immediate futures where I could take stock of things and then decide how to proceed from my current point in space-time. Like looking at the big overhead map in a video game… I could see myself and where I was and then discern where I wanted to be.

The trick was in getting there. Fortunately, once I figured out how to maneuver it just became a matter of affecting my current reality to acquire the appropriate path to the desired reality. And it soon became apparent that any change I affected happened instantaneously. I began experimenting around the clock- which was easy to do when shifting to a reality where I wasn’t tired became as simple as using the bathroom. (Which I also put an end to.)

I was pretty quickly attaining the ability to shift seamlessly from one reality to the next – like stepping onto a moving walkway.

With each answer a whole new set of questions would arise; what if you could act simultaneously across the quantized states? If you could enhance the probabilities of positive outcomes?

Once in Plurality you could actually see the “super-positions” of even the smallest detail of our reality.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term ‘super-position’ – in layman’s terms (because that’s the only way I can explain it): Imagine a playing card balanced exactly on its short edge. In a moment it will fall to the table- either face up or face down. The act of falling and thus attaining its final resting state is referred to in some circles as “decoherence”.

In those same circles it is widely accepted that the card not only exists in its face up/face down configuration but also in every possible position in between those two states- these are the “super-positions”.

Heisenberg’s ‘Uncertainty Principle’ further postulated that merely the act of observing an entity it would have an impact on either its velocity or position. This would seem to suggest that observing a set of super-positions could change the ultimate state of the final decoherence. If Heisenberg was right- you should be able to selectively modify outcomes and, in doing so, you would synchronize events at each level in a way that would ultimately make them more probable, or possible. More attainable.

More real.

Applying this notion of super-positions to gambling turned out to be quite lucrative. Play roulette and simply look about one minute into the future. Then bet heavy on 17 Black. It’s fool proof.


When two states of energy (more philosophically one might refer to as ‘souls’) intersect it is unlike any sexual encounter known to the common man. It changes both people on a fundamental level.

As it happens- the traditional concept of the “Soul” can be represented as a quantized packet of various frequencies and energies that cruise through the Universe ever changing.

As we advance along the various paths of realities- unique to each of our individually quantized energy states, we interact with others. This interaction fundamentally changes both systems. We rub off on one another to put it a bit more barbarically.

Because of the uniqueness of the individual quantized states each encounter is truly unique. A single outcome seared into one exact level of energy that begins and ends with infinity. Destined to occur for an infinite number of iterations.

Mind you, this was all new to me as well. It was only much later that I began to suspect the imprinting aspect of Plurality.

“…Like the neutrino that is moving so fast that few ever actually interact with matter as we know it. Their existence is only inferred by a ghost of a shadow that they leave in their wake to note their passing…. And yet their affect on the surrounding particles is undeniable.”

I first discovered this only the third time I entered Plurality. I accidentally passed through a woman I know. A woman who I was more than a bit attracted to but could never pursue due to this whole “marriage” thing I found myself encumbered with.

Ziyi had been an intern in my department for about two months.

I felt she was attracted to me – perhaps less so than I to her…. But there was something there.

I had yet to learn the controls of my frequencies and energy levels sufficiently to fully move into and out of Plurality at will and I just wasn’t expecting that someone might be moving directly towards me from around a corner. Had I been in real-time we would have collided – her hot tea scalding both of us for sure. As it was I had altered my frequencies just in time to pass directly through her. She never knew exactly what happened. But in the days that followed she definitely became available to me. She was in my office talking to me much more all of the sudden. I did not attempt to re-create the experiment again for some time – as it left me feeling quite giddy and unfocused.

When I did attempt it again she was walking with me to our respective cars one night. I was feeling rather bold- it was a Friday, and the week, while proving a bit overwhelming had ended on an ‘up’ note. And there we were in the parking lot together with no one else around. The air was warm and I could smell the Magnolia trees and just a hint of her own scent. Light, with just a slight undertow of heat.

I had not planned this- but immediately found myself aware of the opportunity. So I stalled for time long enough to allow my frequencies to sync up and I “stepped” through her instantaneously. Then back again immediately. For me it felt like at least 3 or four seconds. For her it was not even a millionth of a blink.

We talked for a few more minutes and she suggested we have a drink. We’ve been lovers ever since.


It was perhaps a week into our relationship that I allowed us both the pleasure of a quick jaunt.

I had already told her about Plurality- it was all I could think of those early days. Everything was so infinitely new and just fucking cool.

I passed through her (with her permission) one night and lingered just a moment longer than I had planned. Our energies sync’d up for an incredibly short moment. But that was all it took.

She caught on quick but I like to think that was in part due to my own ability to mentor her on the discoveries that I had already made. She taught me a few of her own. Slowly we began to craft a reality that was actually the one we wanted. I had this perfect workshop in my head. And daily blowjobs truth be told. But I also had this image of her and me out in the shop, the smell of sawdust and incense permeating everything- and us creating a new world.

One would think that all was excellent with the world from our point of view. We had the Universe(s) at our fingertips.

We start working all kinds of angles. I made my first project to go back and have sex with everyone woman I ever regretted not having sex with. I simply found branching realities that allowed me to do just that… every now and then I would have to chase it down a bit more simply because the outcome was less than optimal… though I do know I have a slew of kids spread across the realities. And I love every one of them without question. Well at least in half of the infinite possibilities. And she was completely okay with this because she knew that if she wasn’t- then I’d simply find a reality where she was… but she was cool enough to understand the futility of that type of thinking anyway.

Each step taught us the next. It was a truly magical time. At first we tried money-making schemes, this seemed like the only way to get to those happy places we dreamt of. Fortunately we are bright people and it was only a matter of time until we intuited the ultimate folly of being worried by something as uncivil as money.

So we turned to researching our skills and figuring out ways to insulate our abilities. We also dealt with all manner of health concerns immediately too- remember how I pondered the crafting of a new heart? Well it’s like that in a very rudimentary way- you don’t really cull bits and pieces of hearts from across the dimensions. It’s more like listening to your frequencies and smoothing out the discord.

Yeah I know it sounds so new age-y- and I guess in a way it is. All I know is – I’ve got the body of a 24 year old. I move with power and decision. And I laugh like a motherfucker because that sounds so serious.

And Ziyi, well she was just beautiful. One afternoon on my own time I pondered the notion of our relationship. Was she beautiful to me because as our energies became closer she became more like me? Or was it her beauty that I aspired to?

The latter I think.


Each venture into Plurality uncovered the next question that needed an answer – and then the answer to the next question. At first we sought answers to the problems that plagued the world. Then we found a reality where we would be unbothered by the woes of humanity because they simply did not exist.

It was a wonderful journey, Ziyi, and I. Hand in hand fighting against all that we perceived as wrong.

The two of us against the world- hell against all of reality.

I will assert this- with but an exception or two, we did attempt to achieve our goals with minimal impact on those around us. And this is not just some lame way of saying “sorry for fucking things up for some of you”.

We did our best.

Part of our day was the pure exploration of various energy states – some achievable after just a few minutes of deep breathing- and others that would collapse if there was a bit too much UV light streaming from the windows we sometimes drew black. Depending on our initial state of mind.

Any time you hold a secret it gives you power over others. Unfortunately, the moment that someone learns your secret – they take some of that power. It becomes theirs too. In general this is not a bad thing- children would never grow up if they were unable to absorb the secrets of their parents – the same secrets gained from the parents of their parents and their ancestors.

Each time you cross through someone you change him or her fundamentally. Their energies collide with your own and there is a dampening and transference of energy.

If you pass through them too many times they will become aware of you because just as your electrons intersect with theirs and are affected by the collision so do their electrons become phase shifted to a state more like yours. There is a threshold where they know enough about what has transpired that they can actually begin doing it too.

A good analogy would be the swimming pool and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which states:

When two systems are put in contact with each other, there will be a net exchange of energy between them unless or until they are in thermal equilibrium that is they contain the same amount of thermal energy for a given volume.”

When you submerge yourself the water in a pool draws your heat/energy to its level regardless of the initial temperature. Too cold and the heat leaves your body too quick. Leaving behind a lot of energies with no time to adjust to the transition. If the water is too hot- your body absorbs energy yes but it overwhelms the mechanisms by which the human body regulates itself. Eventually your body temperature and water temperature will attain an equilibrium but due to the thermal energy/volume conditions not being equal (i.e. your body has way less volume than a swimming pool) you will probably freeze to death first.

However, if energy is put into the water the temperature will rise to approach your body temperature. If the water is just right –you have no temperature differential – so you do not feel cold or heat it actually disappears from your ability to perceive it.

That is what Plurality is like. The energies of the two ‘souls’ become closer and closer until you lose the sense of boundary between your energy and theirs.

You never truly know how someone will use his or her power. Even when your own intentions are benign- if not a bit selfish.

Additionally, the ripples of the collision rock outwards as a 4-dimensional shock wave. This sounds way more traumatic than it is- unless you have taken that shortcut through Plurality. Essentially you clear a wake of possibilities from your path as you cruise through life. It’s only when you can see the forefront of the shockwave that you can begin to alter it.

Each modification to your frequencies fundamentally alters your reality.

Ironically, having more realities to choose from actually brought our subjective realities closer together.

We had an infinite number of choices when it came to our realities but I was quite cool riding with her. I guess she felt the same way.

The plan we had was pretty good. We just kind of fucked up the implementation. But how could we have possibly known? Apparently some people adjust to frequencies on an order of magnitude faster than others.

Ziyi and I had meshed slowly over a period of months. Things took a bit if a turn when I decided it was time to bring in my dearest friend, ‘Satan’ shall we call him (not his real name). We took him out to dinner one night- and started with shots, ended in a cab and then completely baked his skull with some North Slope trip weed. Then we laid it all out for him. He took it amazingly well. Of course, we provided proof. Uncertain of the effects- we both decided to make one pass through him in Plurality. Less of an individual imprint we posited.

Would have worked too if it hadn’t been for some freak energy we created when she pulled him a bit closer to a reality in which he was not, shall we say, at his best.

Oh and that’s the other fucked up thing- due to the whole infinite universe crap I was talking about earlier- that would also imply that in at least half of those infinite realities you would either be “Good” or “Bad”. Much of the time initially we spent just dodging shit like that. But after you take one head-on a couple of times you kind of get used to the idea that you are both good and evil all at once. Minimize the evil and play up the good is about all you can do. Unless of course you “revel” in the evil.

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Lord Acton circa 1900.

So Satan picks up on the whole thing very fast- outpaces both of us pretty early on. Then in a twist completely unimagined by certainly myself- he decided that ruling his own personal reality was not enough- not when access to Plurality also gave you access to an infinite number of realities.

What fools we were- blindly careening down our seemingly random series of realities. So precarious was our perception of our meager abilities and of how fragile the continuum truly was. He had successfully established himself over at least 10^14 individual realities in just a matter of months. Each time we would attempt to stop him he would find some other path to chase down- a reality where we could never possibly conquer him.

As I said we gave it the old college try when it came to trying to rein him in. But he was winning the war… and we were at a loss to find a way to even slow his progress.

Until one morning, having our coffee Ziyi started laughing. I looked up from my dulcimer with the question on my lips and an instant knowledge of the answer. I began to laugh as well.

We did not have to stop Satan. He could never rule everything if everything had no end. He could either rule a given reality or not. There would be exactly (infinity/2) possible universes that he could not rule over. All we had to do was find one of those and he would never bother us again. As for any feelings of guilt over the half where he could rule dominion…. Well… there was little we could do about that- since in an infinite universe there would be exactly (infinity/2) possible realities where we would have no power to stop him.

It definitely made it all worthwhile though- seeing him all crushed like that when we confronted him with the facts. When he finally made that connection for himself he had the look of “vurp” on his face – you know like he kind of “half-vomited, half-burped” into his own mouth.

As quickly as his star rose- thus did it go super nova. He found himself foiled by the most basic tenants of logic- he could never achieve his goal. And it galled him that someone else had gotten to point it out.

He did the only thing anyone could in a situation like this- he tore off down one vector of Plurality. I immediately began pursuit but quickly demurred when it became apparent that to follow him would in some bizarre way exactly accomplish his initial goal. In my reality he could not control me.

I found Ziyi and we went back to our little corner of the infinite universe. Along the way we showed people how we did it. She brought some of them along with us.

It has been quite a ride- Ziyi, myself, and more kids than I can count. Kids let you strengthen the fibers of reality exponentially because they start out with your imprint on them already. And she can pop them out like a machine gun Pez dispenser…

I know that one of these infinite days I will encounter Satan again- doesn’t bother me though; if you ponder it- he is still good in at least half of the infinite universes.

Which makes him bad in the other half. I’ll take those odds.

Not much to be down about at all really.