Valencia Vikings Marching Band and Color Guard 2012 Montage in 3D!!

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This was the year I got ambitious and shot most of the show using a 3d/stereo rig for the GoPros. It was brutal. Twice the data, twice the everything. Plus, having never produced anything in Stereo- it was quite the learning expereince.

This is the anaglyphic output… get your red/blue glasses to watch it. I also did a clean non-stereo version, as well as an actual Real-3D version that could be played on my 3D tv or the 3D projector that I bought for the banquet- but ended up not using because at the absolute worst/last minute- it became obvious that the Blu-Ray spec for 3D didn’t work at 30fps. Which was what I had been conforming everything to. Needless to say, I was muy unhappy about this. But I fixed it on the final Blu-ray deliveries and it actually turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.