Static Shaq!

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This was part of a fun campaign that I worked on for Kids’ WB. For this spot, I did pretty much all of the post-production. Not the writing, music, or roughcut edits- but I did design and creat the junkyard backgrounds in Maya, roto-ed many of the 2d characters, and on this spot all the final compositng. I also designed and created the WB island intro.
This was a whole campaign so there were a lot of folks working on it. But for this spot… this was all mine. Additionally, along with overseeing all the animated stuff- I was the VFX Supervisor on the blue screen shoot with Shaq.
What a day! He showed up about 3 hours late, then when he finally arrived it was mayhem- his “people” were saying we would only have him for like 40 minutes. The writer/producers had planned for something like 20 spots- each one being a 20-30 second story. He had a lot of dialogue to shoot and then of course the blue screen stuff.
He kept flipping the camera off (no one told him it was KIDS’ WB???)- and he mooned the camera. A couple of times. He did NOT want to be there.
When we finally started shooting I needed to walk him through the action for this spot. I approach him to give him a quick run-down and he kind of glares down at me, yeah he’s that f**king huge, and he just goes,”Who the fuck are you?”
I respond, “Well, I’m the guy who’s going to put you into the cartoons…”

He gets all excited and yells- “Oh you’re the EFFECTS GUY!!”

After that he was a perfect gentleman. And we actually got almost all of the footage we needed. He also autographed one of the blue basketballs we had prepped for the shoot for my son. Thanks Shaq!