Keep the Wheels Turning – A Mountain Dulcimer Band

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“Keep The Wheels Turning” is something my dad always said. For him it meant- think ahead, be two steps ahead of others, and consider the consequences of your actions. Don’t be a dumb-ass in other words. He was big on “common sense” and it’s “common sense” that tells you “right” and “wrong”… and defines “smart” and “stupid”.
Anyway, it was something he always said… and as a personal mantra it has served me well. I have tried to pass that along to my kids as well.
It is also the name of the Mountain Dulcimer band the kids and I created many years ago as a tribute to Odie/Pops.  These are a few of the songs we were working on many years ago… these recordings are probably the earliest recordings I have of these tunes.

I used two microphones dumping directly into laptop – in stereo. gasp.

In more recent years I upgraded all my dulcimers with pickups. So I have re-recorded many of these using a direct line out into my laptop, the quality is way better. And I was then able to mix the three instruments better. I’ll get to that at some point.

Oh, and that image up there is the 3D Design I did for the iron bench that we had fabricated in Mtn. View. Images to follow.