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This was a fun spot that I worked on for the show Histeria. Maya had just introduced “Hard and Soft Body Dynamics”. I wanted to explore how that collision detect and the physics worked. So I wrote this piece, and did all the animation and composting. The School Desk model in the open was done by IXL I believe. I designed the interior with the help of a few freelancers building some of the models.


  • Dino Rodas Reply

    What program did you use to composite those characters into the video and what is IXL? Are there modern equivalents to those programs? I believe this is starting to become a lost art.

    • xandad Reply

      Most of this was created in Maya 3D software and composited on a Quantel Hal Express. The open was created by the company IXL. I don’t think they are around anymore… but I have really checked on that. Today I would use After Effects for all the compositing.

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