The Hurdy Gurdy Man

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In the late 1990’s, I decided I wanted to build a musical instrument- The Hurdy Gurdy was inspired by a friend I met in Mountain View, Arkansas. So I bought a kit from MusicMakers and began my journey into the world of making my own musical instruments. These pics are from around 2000-ish.
These are some shots of it in progress. The video is something another guy shot and posted on youtube without telling me. I don’t really care- but some of the comments are brutal. haha. Whatever.

Back in the Summer of 2019 I bought a Kickstarter Hurdy Gurdy Kit. It sat on a shelf for months. Until Covid19 came along.

Somewhere around month 2 of the quarantine, here in Los Angeles, I remembered it and decided to actually build it. It took about 35 hours for me to assemble- having two busted hands (see “My Very Bad Weekend”) made it difficult to leverage all  the tiny pieces, but I finally finished it. It sounds okay, but it is definitely subject to the same tuning issues as my first attempt. Unfortunately, as of this post anyway, I can’t play it to get it properly broken in, and tuned correctly. I still have a cast on one hand, and a pin in the other… so I can’t hold it, or crank the handle. 🙁