3D Printed 8-String Mountain Dulcimer

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So here it is… proto-type #1 of the Mountain Dulcimer I have been trying to drag into existence.
These images represent 3 years in the making. This was the FIRST project I wanted to do with my printer. However, it was also incredibly complex in my mind- simply because I had never had any exposure to the technology on a first-hand basis.
So I started with something I thought was simpler – that’s for another post. But I was already modeling the dulcimer. The first year went poorly, as I have mentioned in other posts. To the point where I had begun to think it just was not possible with this level of technology.
I avoided my Taz, couldn’t even turn it on. Then- back in April of this year I had my much heralded “epiphany”. I was hosting the Easter Egg Fete and while talking to one of my guests about how frustrating it has been and mid-sentence it hit me… I needed a total remodel- something easy and clean.
I also attacked my calibration issues with a renewed vigor and had yet another insight that blew my mind. I went all the way back to flashing the arduino board with the factory specs. Went through the leveling process about 5 times and then… then… I found the answer. Ironically, in the Lulzbot forums… I say ironically because I had spent many many hours poring through those forums in year one of my journey.
But there it was as plain as the over-extruded base on every frigging model I produced…. the answer you ask?
Adding .75 millimeters to the “global z-axis offset”. Tweaked the nozzle just high enough to get out of its own way. Suddenly I am getting exactly the resolution on the prints that I had always imagined were possible.
I started these dulcimer prints in late April thru August. At this moment in time it is fully glued together, head and tail blocks are ready to attach to main body. Then I still need to fit the pickup on the tail, cut the slots for the frets and string this puppy up.

The Big Debut in 360!!! (Pan around!)

Shortly after the Big Debut my wife accidentally opened the garage door, not realizing the dogs were out of their pen. I stood up too quickly and in doing so- dropped my dulcimer. Upon hitting my saxophone, the head was sheared clean off! Total design flaw! Haha. My first reaction was anger and shock, but it only took about 5 minutes to realize that all I had to do was… print another one!

Star-Spangled Dulcimer