Random 3d printed Projects

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This is my printer- right out of the box. The first thing I printed, the “F” shaped orange piece, actually turned out very clean. It was a test cross-section of a frame.
The long orange pieces are the full-length sides for the frame I designed to refurbish a Weidemann Beer Sign. Sadly that project is one piece from being finished.
Lots of problems with these- most significantly – always right at the base… I plan on wrapping this one up right soon.

The purple alpaca was for my daughter, it was an okay print… still has quality issues.

The little white ring was a piece I printed so that I could modify my dual extruder and make the front one a different nozzle size. I was very proud that it work on the first print- sort of… you can still see the over extrusion.
The handle on our washing machine cracked not too long ago… so I cranked out a very fast replacement. Not very pretty but functional. Then I saw that I could order the exact part from amazon for about 3 bucks. Oh well.