3D Printed picture – “Erica”

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So my friend Erica contacted me one day, out of the blue and said she had just been to Graceland. Knowing I am a bit of a fan-boy when it comes to Elvis, she was righteous enough to surprise me with a bunch of Elvis paraphernalia.
I was in between frustrations on the printer- but it occurred to me that I could do something cool with her facebook profile pic to thank her. These images are before and after being melted. I really like the way adding some heat afterwards rounds out the edges. It worked for this piece anyway. In the 3rd shot – you can see failed attempts that I ended up keeping anyway. They failed to come out as nicely as the one I gave her because I failed to understand one key thing- to speed the print up I used less “infill” which naturally creates open space inside the model. When it goes into the oven – those bubbles expand ruining the print. I have 3 copies of her already- but one of these days I’ll crank out another nice solid version that doesn’t have a bubble for a nose.