3D Printed Yosemite Sculpture

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I made this print from a picture of Half-Dome taken on a family vacation. Yosemite is one of those places close to our family’s hearts. This was a gift for my wife.
It was a tough project, lot of small pieces- and sadly I was in the very middle of my madness to bend the printer to my will. I simply could not solve the riddle of how to get those first 5 layers to extrude cleanly. Sometimes it worked- sometimes it didn’t. With this piece I had to, quite literally, use an exacto on every single piece to get them to fit together properly. It was time-consuming and brutal- especially since I KNEW it didn’t have to be like that.
I melted this piece too simply because I liked that look. I will definitely be printing a version of this for me- now that I have the printer dialed in properly.

The pink/grey/white/black version was printed using the Mosaic Palette Pro 2 so those prints were done as one print – 4 colors. As opposed to the other version- which had to be printed one color at a ime and then assembled.