Large Hadron Collider inspired artwork

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From the first time I read about the Large Hadron Collider I was fascinated with it. Imagine a machine 27km long, the pinnacle of man’s scientific prowess, capable of firing particles around the loops gaining speeds and energies unheard of in the past! Then smashing them together and then examining the pieces. I was intrigued by the concept of the Higgs-Boson or God particle as they called it. Anyway- in my research on the LHC I found the geometry beautiful- so I started designing pieces of artwork where I incorporated elements from their design into mine.

The products? Well, one painting – still very much in progress but getting closer…, One picture that was colored with markers- it was a template I used for the first light I created. Then there’s the light itself… made from the tiny light bulbs you normally put on a Christmas tree, this is lit from inside.
My ceiling fan in the garage also has some LHC imagery… I thought it might look cool in motion.. it’s meh.
then there is the Solar Powered Night Light…
There’s even a logo I designed for the softball team I was managing at the time.

more pix to follow

Here is the LHC light I created in action. It has a bunch of different patterns that cycle.. here are a few.