Green 2017

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Over the years I have dreamt of this place many times. It’s the same place every time…


That’s how I have come to think of it. The first time this place showed up in my animation was in 1990- I was learning how to use the Quantel Harriet- a wonderful machine that had a whopping 12 seconds of digital storage. To learn the ins and outs of the machine, I created an animation of a rocket landing on a pad, a small astronaut gets out and raises an MTV flag. My plan was to try to get it on MTV (obviously), it never saw broadcast.
Anyway, the year Alexander was born (1996), I had a very intense dream of this environment again. Actually, it was more like a whole animation. I remember waking up and sketching images that stood out in my mind.
Thanks to the rigors of family life, work, band videos, Scouts, etc. (not to mention the fact that the tech was still a very long place from where it is now), it’s been 20 years and I have finally begun to tackle the project in earnest.
In that 20 years it went from a single animation to a feature length animated movie. Right now I’m just trying to get about 2 and a half minutes done.

These are some of the early images of that effort. I’ll be updating this page as I make progress…

MTV Spot circa 1990. Produced entirely on the Quantel Harriet.