The 3D Printed Bengal Tiger Helmet/Mask

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Back in high school I created this mask from a design someone had done on a T-shirt. This would have been in the mid-1980’s. The photo is John and I, decked out in our Halloween costumes. I won a water bed with this costume, and a bunch of other stuff too.
My mom sold the original Bengal helmet mask when I moved to Los Angeles. The original was made of Paris Craft (the plaster soaked mesh they used for setting broken bones back in the day). It was HEAVY, and hot… and unwieldy.

I figured I would do it right this time…3D printed baby. It’s still in progress, but I figure I will have it done by the time the Bengals get to the Super Bowl again. ha Obviously, I am a die-hard Bengals fan… but it is disheartening when they are currently 0-9. As in 9 losses… no wins this season. Yet.