Seldon Lawson

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My Grandfather was Seldon Lawson 1912-1982. When my Uncle Terry passed a few years ago I scanned all of his photos. These are specifically of his dad. I was just a kid… in my teens when he died.
He used to take me fishing, introduced me to garlic baloney and ketchup on crackers (something I recoil at today haha). He used to take us to all the bars in Newport, KY for trick or treating on Halloween. Mostly so he could trick or treat a few brewskies.
But I never knew what a bad-ass he was in his youth. He raced cars, speed boats, motorcycles you name it. He tried to save a man’s life from drowning in the Ohio River- actually shedding his life preserver and clothes in an attempt to save the guy.
He was a clown in his later years… and he drank beer… lots of it. Wiedemann was his go to beer- and as you can see in these pictures there was ALWAYS one around.
Also- that’s my Grandmother, Gaithie, on the tricycle behind him. She is also the woman in the foreground of the two-shot with all the Wiedemann beers in front of her. 🙂
The two color shots are from 1976, when he came to our house on Halloween, showed me how to do the makeup, and then we all went trick or treating.
That bathroom shot is from 21 Azalea Terrace, Fort Thomas, KY. The house I grew up in. (I’d recognize that tile work anywhere haha). But seriously, my mom made those curtains too.
In 1984, I had finally saved up enough cash to buy myself an airbrush… so I used it to create the “Five-Cent Circus” image using the picture that had been printed in the newspaper as my reference.
Then.. many years later for Halloween 2008, I used it as a basis for my costume, not a “tramp” so much as an actor of the silent film era.

On a side note: The kids and I have a song we wrote- called “Five Cent Circus”. It shows up around the 1:30 mark of this video.