My Very Bad Weekend

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So there is saying about motorcyclists. It goes something like this:

“There are two types of motorcycle rider, the ones who have gone down and the ones who WILL go down.”

I’ve been both. But after my little foray into agony on Friday night, guess I won’t have to worry about that ever again.

Let’s start at the beginning… yay.

So Friday afternoon around 3:30pm the power on the main grid in Santa Clarita went out- kicking my Tesla Power Wall into backup mode- groovy. But whatever hardware was driving our internet- outside the house was down too. So power, but no internet. Oh well- no biggie. I figured I’d jump on my bike an scout it out. (I could see where the hot spot was on the So Cal Edison website).

Sure enough, there were a bunch of SCE trucks and fire trucks on Copper Hill. Maybe someone hit a pole.

So I continue on my ride- I decide to do the Lake Hughes run, I figured this is about as socially distant as I could get right?

All was well until of course… tragedy.

I don’t know how many of you motorcyclists out there have experienced what I always thought of as “speed sand”- but it’s like a fine layer of sand and dust that acts like a lubricant on the road. (like the sand they use on shuffle board tables).

Hit it at the wrong angle and next thing you know a stranger named “Brad” is helping you into his truck and carting you away to the Emergency Room. Just the place you wanna be in a pandemic!! yay.

The long and short of it- I came around a bend and there was a dried up puddle of that really fine dirt/grit… laid the bike down hard before I even had a chance to react.

I never lost consciousness, I only remember thinking “get off the road before someone hits me”.

A herculean task while trying to catch my breath through what felt like a bunch of broken ribs. And both of my hands felt broken in different places.

I finally crawled off to the side and was working on my helmet, when a truly Good Samaritan pulls up. He jumps out of his truck and immediately starts helping me, talking to me to keep me conscious, he got my bike off the road- I couldn’t help with my hands being so messed up. (I’m typing this with exactly 2 fingers right now.)

He piles me in his truck and turns around, from his original direction- (so he is truly going out of his way)/

Initially, he was just going to get me to a cell phone signal- because there was nothing where I was riding.

By the time I was able to call the wife we were almost to the 5 Freeway so he said, “let me just take you directly to the Emergency Room, your wife can meet us there.”

And that’s what he did- I don’t even remember most of the ride but he just kept saying “talk to me, tell me about your kids etc.


You could see exactly where my head hit the pavement on my destroyed helmet. That helmet was practically new, I have only used it a few times- but it it did its freaking job… I reckon I’d call that a bargain.

So we got out at the ER and he gave my helmet and stuff to someone and started to go and I said, “Wait, I need to get your info so that I can thank you properly when this is all over.”

He said,”Okay” and I thought he was going to get a pen or something but he just got in his truck and drove away.

So..uh I guess thanks Brad whoever you are. You might have saved my life.

The ER was a treat as you might guess, although because I was in a “Trauma” section all the other patients immediately around me were either car accidents or 5150’s.

The cops showed up about 40 minutes into my stay. A Highway Patrol Sgt. saw my bike on his way home and called it in. They asked me a few questions gave me paperwork.

So 6 hours in the trauma ER, CT Scans, x-rays, etc… and nothing damaged too severely, a couple of possible hairline fractures in both hands, they are both swollen, but my left thumb was cranked waay too far back and now I can’t grab anything with it. It’s a wonderful shade of purple.

The entire right side of my rib cage feels like Rocky was doing his old school boxing warm-ups on them. The best part is how I can feel like weird crunching/grinding between my ribs when I move certain ways.

My shoulder is a moire of black and blue blood vessels, and my knees look like I made a lot of money as the “Head Nurse” in a bad porno movie. 😉

The worst of it was that I didn’t get released from the ER until after my pharmacy was already closed so no pain killers until yesterday morning. It was a night of hell, no position helps ease that kind of pain and every time you move it’s like getting kicked in the ribs again.

One of the truly worst nights in my life- in terms of being injured and in pain. And I’ve had quite a few broken bones in my life… but nothing like this.

Yesterday was a blur of pain killers and sleeping.

Today, I’m mobile enough to type- but sitting here is bothering my chest pretty bad… so I’ll probably go back to bed after this.

UPDATE 6/12/20
Okay- barely left the house since the accident. But I have had operations on both hands. A pin in the right pinky- cuz -it was broken. And a cast for my left hand to re-attach a ligament.
Got some fun scars too.
I still have a few weeks of cast on the left hand and 3 weeks of pin in my right hand. sigh