Clase Azul Reposada Tequila Bottle Lamp

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I called “dibs” on this bottle of “Clase Azul Reposada” after the contents were consumed by co-workers. 😉
My wife, Midori, is into this color palette, I thought it would make a cool lamp for her.
So I bought a $15 Wal-Mart lamp for the cabling and fixture. After cutting the top of the lamp off, I designed and 3D-printed a connector. This piece fits firmly in the neck of the bottle, with a hole down the center for the aluminum tube of the fixture. The outer-most diameter stabilizes the aluminum tube below the fixture.
The toughest part of this project is the hole that needs to be drilled in the backside of the bottle for the power cable. It just needed to be a 1/4 inch hole. The bottle, by my estimate, is about 5mm. thick. So you’d think this would not be a big deal. I don’t know the exact material they use for these things- but it is TOUGH! Three different drill bits (one diamond tipped), and it still took about an hour to get the hole deep enough to then tap a hole-punch through it.
I knew better than to make a “lamp shade” decision so I left that to her. I think it turned out pretty cool!
Anyway, these are the befores and afters.