SpongeBob SquareCrow

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From concept to 2nd Place! This was a Scare Crow contest my friend, Michele, talked me into entering. It was 3 weekends of work, and a about a half-dozen 3D printed parts.
I started in Maya- to rough things in for what I needed to get for the infrastructure. Took that rough into photoshop, for the additional sketch-up of the full concept.
As you can see in the final- something went awry because he has a pretty bad tilt .. oops… but we still took Second!!
The 3D printed hands and various bearings that allowed the different sized PVC to slide together without wobbles, started out yellow- but I ran out of filament- and they were too big, so I printed them with some left-over rainbow filament and then spray painted them to match the arms.
We added the sign after the fact – so it was not in the original designs. I hand-painted the SpongeBob part and then used a Cricut to cut the vinyl for the rest.