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You’ve seen her name pop up in at least a couple of other projects here on my site. Specifically, anything Sponge Bob related, but also the L.A. Traffic Long-Exposure stuff, and the L.A. Zoo footage that I shot of Elyse and Teri. And Elyse at the oil field.

We’ve been friends for almost 20 years. The crazy thing was – we were neighbors- two houses apart! But, my family was new to the ‘hood – so we didn’t  meet until the night of “Kindergarten Round-up”. Both our sons were starting school- but due to the sheer number of kids trying to get in-  there was no guarantee that they would get into the elementary school right near our house. So, I went to the school the night before and camped out to make sure we were first in line… except that Michele was there first! That’s how we met… hanging out in the cold all night – so our kids could get into Kindergarten.
Our kids grew up together, our families had many fun vacations together, and we spent many a night camping out with the Boy Scout troop our sons were both part of. She was my partner in crime for all of these projects. So it’s not too surprising that she would end up as a subject in one of them. We’ve done a couple of shoots together now and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of her. These pictures are from 2 different photo shoots spanning about 5 years… we shot at a deserted campground in Frazier Park (w/Elyse also shooting pix), and just north of where we both live- in Green Valley, and Antelope Valley.
I give you my beautiful friend, Michele.