I had a mentor by the name of Gary Brooks. You can see some of his amazing water-color paintings here. He was also my high school art teacher. Somewhere alomg the way he became my mentor, and ultimately, a true friend. Not only did he help me get an Apple IIe for an entire summer when I was still in high school (something I would never been able to afford at that time!) but he was also the guy who taught me the art of Ukrainian Egg Dyes. I have tried to pass this wonderful technique on to my kids and others. These images are of some of the coolest eggs ever produced-  out of MY garage anyway haha…. You can see in the pictures how it has morphed from a fairly straight-forward affair to the nightmare.. ahem.. joy… that it has become. We had 36 colors this year, our most EVER!!

This video is a time-lapse sequence of the 2017 Easter Egg Fête. It represents about 12 hours of footage compressed into 15 minutes (sort of).

The following pictures are of eggs past. Some of them were done by me, the kids, or just folks who came to our annual Fête and left their eggs behind.

One year there was a bit of an accident… Elyse was handing me a chair while we were cleaning up and it dipped at exactly the wrong moment. That’s why the garage looks like a crime scene. Amazingly- the dye faded immediately. You can’t even see it now.