The Genuine Viking Skol Hol circa 1993

In the early 1990’s my buddy, John, and I rented this place in Hollywood. It was just a guest house behind a main house, two stories, 2 bedrooms. The hardwood floors and the beams over the fire place inspired us to turn it into what we called

The Genuine Viking Skol Hol.

We spent the next two years adding styro-foam stone to the walls, and building out the entire house with a massive table, thrones, and all manner of bizarre artwork. Much of which we crafted by hand specifically for this installation. The reindeer fur on the wall came from Sweden, as do the swords on the thrones.
Many of the televisions actually worked. The others- we turned into art. You can see in some of these pics the console televisions entitled “Celebrity Fish in Hell”, and “Viking Pez Meet Godzilla”.
We had a great time- parties all the time, Thursday nights for The Simpsons and Seinfeld on VHS! yikes.
We even got ordained as ministers and performed a Viking Wedding Ceremony for two of our close friends in this very room.

The house drink was a foul concoction of brandy, wine, 151 rum and dry ice. I think there were some other ingredients but I don’t recall off the top of my head. We called it “Dragon’s Breath”.
There was a whole ceremony we would do before passing out shots. The image with the stone reading “Dragon’s Breath” at the bottom has the text of the ceremony. As we read the questions we would first add some of the drink to a glass with a tiny chunk of dry ice. After the recipient responds, we would then add some 151 rum and light it on fire, say the rest of the stuff and they would blow it out and shoot it.
Brutal stuff- but we had a lot of people who wanted it.
It’s hard to see in these images but we also did the stairwell up to the second floor with the fake stone. Right up to the crinolated tower that looked out over a night time sky/Stone Henge of in the distance.