Some of my stories, some are fiction, some are real.

My Very Bad Weekend

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Tell Me How It Used to Be (c.1986)

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Bethany (1989)

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  I wrote this story in the first week I lived in Los Angeles. It was before “Ecstasy” hit the masses. I remember drinking about 4 pots of coffee in my crappy room that I was renting at 27th and Normandy in Compton. 1989… yep kind of freaky. Anyway- it needs to be noted that...

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The Space Between Numbers (2009)

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This story is based on dreams that I was having at the time. (As most of my stories are). I was lucky enough to have a friend, Ken Ricci, give me a few pointers on what I thought was my final draft. So as a tribute to his insights, I changed the name of the...

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Final Days

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  The following is a recollection of my thoughts that detail the two years following my father’s cancer diagnosis. I present it in its original, unedited state…. more out of a respect for the integrity of accuracy. But I also feel compelled to point out that my feelings towards my sisters is not what I...

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Baseball, Hotdogs, and Assholes Driving Chevrolets (2002)

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  This is an open letter to the Asshole Corvette Driver that ran me off the road a few months back. Now before all of the rest of you GOD-Fearing, Self-Respecting-Not-Speeding-AND- Staying-on-Your-Side-of-the-Road-Corvette-Owners get your panties in a bunch…. deep breath. Breathe. Again. Now. Now that we are all calmed down- this letter is to a...

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Plurality (2007)

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I first became aware of the “plurality” of dimensions on a walk one night. It came, unbidden, as a sudden rush forward not unlike the comic book depiction of The Flash at full speed. A kind of motion blur tug from the center of my body – very similar to that first moment the rollercoaster...

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The Tragically Short Span of the Human Mating and Life Cycles (2006)

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(And the End of Life as We Know It) “Now, as we can see from the data plotted out from the last nearly 4,000 years, we are currently experiencing the lowest population growth in the history of mankind. It is my belief that we have actually passed zero growth for the first time ever and...

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To Our Future Selves and Family


To the people that come from us-

Our Sons and Daughters,

Close friends,



What we will be in ten years


The people we become

And the people we will have



They will consider this day with a

Perspective that can only be



But we are here


It is my belief

That we become

That which we most believe

We will become.


To Our Future Selves and Family


On this uncommon day

May this message come to you

At a time when your understanding of

This day

Will be most clear


Uncommon for the uniqueness

Of the occasion

And of the people here



Today two people

Have Chosen to share with us

An affirmation of their acceptance of the other

As an equal

And as a half.


Equals in all ways

Yet, needing the other

To compliment the whole.


Choosing to find the path

Through life




To always be there for the other

Knowing there will always be one





And in doing so

They declare

That who they have decided to become

Will be defined

By one another

And their actions



This uncommonly day

When we are brought together from

Our own commitments to share

In this



The simple acceptance

That this most uncommon of days

Is the beginning of all we’ll



                         Brian Oliver